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January 23, 2009

Well this has not been the week I expected. Had planned for a quiet contemplative week preparing for the Chinese New Year, sketching oxen, cleaning house(kittens encourage already existing disarray to rise to an alarming level), etc…

Instead, I’ve been stressing about scheduling the voiceover session for Jabberwocky and that my week has been more hectic than I hoped. Which is self defeating. But the stress cycle always is.

There’s a new Blink Kitty Love so that’s good — and I had a blast doing it so that’s excellent. I haven’t worked on “The M” at all, but I have an idea steeping. And it would be so great to get Jabberwocky done. I’m debating what to do about this year’s Animation Magazine pitch party contest. It was on my list of goals and I do have a really inspired new project that’s exciting me to pitch but the same size banner ad could run over the AWN(Animation World Network) sites thanks to the lonelypond presence on animationblogspot and would cost nothing. I have some decisions to make before I start Moliere and Shakespeare prep.

To continue the Cake or Jake: I forgot Radio Free Roscoe; I’m listening to the Trews on right now — one of this afternoon’s episodes was Parker and Travis waiting in line for Trews tickets and the RFR all nighter with the rest of them. Parker is such a cool character that she even makes Travis fun — I know Travis is a cup of smoldering Buddhist kung fu philosophical we don’t kick ass but we can tea for some, but not me…possibly the character I sympathize most with is Robbie…I’m still really enjoying the music and Lily’s growth as an artist and musician. Yes, some of the typical issues you find in TV shows but I really like the radio/music/free speech packaging/underlying themes — and the characters.

And like everyone, I’m becoming fascinated by the is River Pierce cake or jake. He’s so very twisty and yet metal smooth — very slippy.

Seems warmer out today, which is nice. Due for a long walk and maybe finally contemplating what the Year of The Ox might bring…I think part of the problem is I miscalculated and spent some time thinking it was the Year of The Tiger, which inspired a cool Gullible and Twitchy animation idea which I can’t do yet. But the time slot for the G + T animation is being taken by Jabberwocky voiceover/sound editing stuff so if I do a New year animation it will be FlipBoom again, which might be fun. I did buy art supplies Wednesday — excellent water color paper and dual brush markers plus bonus fabric markers and some t-shirts. I’m hoping once I break them out some inspiration will happen. I’m going to try some more sketching first.

ESPN Winter X-Games coverage is heavy with clunky snowmobiles and making me not want to watch the X-Games. I liked it better when it was snowboard centric; coverage seems dragged out and too too slow.

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