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February 3, 2009

I am so out of the zone I don’t remember which zone I was in…

This early afternoon’s Radio Free Roscoe brings us the best relationship on Radio Free Roscoe: Parker and Randy. Lily makes up with the carved in marble and snobbery goddess of cold cool Audrey, then recovers her senses and dumps the cool crowd for the dancing to music that no one else can hear ’cause she’s wearing the only headphones Parker. And then Parker rescues Lily from her ongoing battle with the stage shivers. Travis and Ray continue amusing and Robbie and Kim continue their very interesting spy games mixed with courtship.

Missed The Big Bang Theory last night for a party — yes, real people better than fictional but I do like the Monday night routine. Monday seems to be that sort of a night — when Gayle and I do something regularly together it seems to be on a Monday. In Evanston, we used to walk up to the movies. I am having fun following the Big Bang Theory characters on Twitter. Raj tweets the most, but this week Leslie Winkle started another phase of the harassment of Sheldon and Sheldon actually decided to communicate with the universe at large. There is a place to buy Sheldon shirts called

Nick selling a Saturday Night of crushes with David Archuletta on iCarly and new content ; crushes are always in, see Blink Kitty Love — now that the latest one is over the 100 view mark, the numbers are going up a bit faster.

No news yet on the Jabberwocky music and sound finish, haven’t found my darn manuscript for “THE M(ystery), Radio Josie and the Pussycats is not working for me, going back to Radio Lonelypond which rolls Viva La Vida…hmmm…at least it gets me singing (and probably a look from the Flash — I made her a Disney friendly station(FlashCatFlash) to keep mine Hannah free, I’m happy with how the ox t-shirts and postcards turned out, now I need to distribute them, fairly serious about mixing Shakespeare + animation so have been looking into puppet armatures on the web — sounds more fun to do your own — well singing Coldplay’s revved me up a bit — collecting Moliere books so I can start the prep for that later in the month…

And did I mention so far out of the zone…have a great afternoon/evening/morning/whenever you decide.

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