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February 9, 2009

Yes, I seem to work on the weekends…yes, I still read the Financial Times and I get my actual fun political news from @anamariecox — Twitter suits her. FT news: James Altucher is on a diet and rather grim about everyone else’s lack of willpower (which allows him to recommend gastric bypass related stocks); Peter Aspden is cracking the list of my favorite columnists as well as causing me to want to investigate the Manchester International Festival to see if I’ve done anything that suits…there was a cool article about bloggers/people meeting up and tossing ideas around but I cannot remember what the phrase describing it was so I can’t search for it…I still stop in the middle of a Sarah Hemming review/profile, look up at the byline and say yep, guessed it right.

Sonny With A Chance was hysterical — so very funny, so packed with physical comedy and yes, Demi Lovato does well but Tiffany Thornton is a find. So here’s hoping they continue the silliness — yes, yes, I know launch food with a catapult and I’m a happy critic, yes, yes, low brow…but wait until you see the food fight in Taming of The Shrew.

Crush Night on Nick kind of fun; David Archuletta seems like a nice guy. Good to see Max take the True Jackson spotlight but story a little forced.

Started writing today whether or not I find the darn misplaced manuscript and GOOD NEWS, Withoutabox has offered Roll With It an imdb title page so Gullible and Twitchy are preparing to launch themselves into the spotlight — now there’s an idea for an animation; I’ll let you know when it’s up.

Trying to work some Twitter/Creative Commons music synergy with @AdamSinger at The Future Buzz and get the Gullible and Twitchy skateboarding video together.

Oh, and although we usually don’t deal in rumors, and never in the dating and/or cat fight type, blogs are mention Vanessa Hudgens auditioning for a role in the Twilight sequel. Now, that might get me to see it. She handled the action in Thunderbirds well, looks exotic enough to pass for native American and could use an opportunity to show off her range, which I believe she has. Next up for her though, BandSlam.

And that’s it for this Monday. Off to lunch and etc., then a play reading meeting(theatre sabbatical officially over as of Saturday when I sat in the theatre and considered Miser set options), then The Big Bang Theory and reading the FT Weekend while Gayle watches Top Gear. It’s a good Monday night; try it sometime. And now I have a lunch date. Cheers.

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