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February 12, 2009

Ha, I actually read my FT Weekend in a timely fashion and was rewarded by the following, among items of interest:

Good Nigel Andrews article on The Watchmen as graphic novel and movie and how movies and comics drive each other. Now I need to borrow a copy, because the one I read is either in New jersey and/or my brother’s.

For those in a jazz mood — and I nearly always am — here’s an article revisting two 50 year old jazz classics: Miles Davis’s Kind Of Blue and John Coltrane’s Giant Steps. I think I’ll start with Kind of Blue; Flash and I enjoy last.fming Radio Miles Davis many afternoons (Household Music Mix Update: apparently Cooper the Kitten is a Pink fan — he’s growing up fast.)

And although Peter Aspden is taking a month off from his Culture column, with Jan Dalley sitting in, I’m not sure I’ll be missing him that much. Her comments on the BBC, Thought, god and how art may be capable of dealing with things too twisty for religion were entertaining and provoking, in the good way. It could be an interesting month.

I’ll have to save my Rubens story for another day; chicken and the no longer frozen channa masala and palak paneer are about to be done.

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