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February 16, 2009

Seems to be happening a lot. Good session with Calvin working on the latest Gullible and Twitchy video “Skate Street.” Lot of fun to do, put the movie through Composite Lab Pro twice to get different speeds and effects, plugged in music by Twitter peep @AdamSinger, a committed fan of the Creative Commons license and finder of some of the best visuals on the web. Waiting for Adam to weigh in on how he thinks his music suits and maybe a tiny bit more cropping, but coming soon to a screen near you.

Jabberwocky apparently needs a retake on the voiceover and eventually we’re going to have to figure out how to swap out large files between us — Calvin suggests MediaFire so I will investigate. In my voluminous free time. Voiceover retake should happen this week and then hand DVD delivery of sound + voice + music. Looking forward to seeing it all together.

Had fun at the concert Friday. Nice venue, pretty good crowd, no smoking (thank you — I hate having to come home in the am and shower to get the smell out of everything) and it is always good to see Jeremy on stage playing. And there was this little red keyboard/synth thing making cool sounds that I want in my office.

Hoping to have a day off tomorrow, avoid the computer, hit the YM, cook something fun and things like that. Need to go to the library sometime; new reading material would rock — suggest an author. Please.

But what you really want to know: Spectacular or Dadnapped, the President’s Day tween TV war…well, I’m little annoyed at The N for switching my Radio Free Roscoe to Degrassi The Next Generation (what no phasers?) and I refuse to get sucked into that soap opera. But mostly I object to the constant stream of Spectacular videos with music I keep hearing in my head but don’t want to remember. Dadnapped looks like a hoot and a good cast, but we might actually opt for the traditional Monday night The Big Bang Theory + Top Gear (Dadnapped will be on again soon, I bet). We’ve been too busy the past couple of weeks for a quiet Monday night and I miss it. Besides Flash is saving her excitement for the promised arrival on Tuesday of High School Musical 3. She’s a big Troy fan. She always wanders into the room when “Bet On It”‘s playing with her tail fluffed high and happy.

Disney XD — yick on the commercials, but really impressed with Aaron Stone. Like the lead, the girl next door and the action. Well done. Am getting very fed up with the Phineas/Ferb love. Nice to see Phil of The Future back. Gayle really likes it and I’ve missed the pure malevolence that is Pim. But yick on the commercials.

Have stopped watching smallVille: sadness.

And now, good night. Sleep is really necessary. I forget that sometimes.

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