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February 23, 2009

Good to see the Vanessa Hudgens/Zac Efron contribution to the musical’s revival acknowledged by including them in the Oscar ceremony…would that there had been more singing and dancing by Beyonce and the High School Musical folks and less by Hugh Jackman.

Bought the HSM 3 DVD and enjoyed it; Flash is still fondest of the second, but she did trot in happy and/or worried a couple of times. Really big, well done numbers..a little too big for the small screen, but still enjoyable. “Scream” sticks around as does “I Want It All;” this one not so memorable for the love songs.

And note to Disney: admit High School Musical, the phenomenon, is a miracle of perfect chemistry/timing and don’t wreck the buzz with a fourth. Thank you.

Nice to see Andy Richter on True Jackson…still funny stuff; main character still behaving randomly in the service of comedy, but not the worst sin.

Dadnapped…Phill Lewis rocks; Jason Earles not so much a believable dire villian…really liked that so much was shot outdoors. I sometimes think about putting down some movie ideas and then I think, well, here at Lonely Pond, we’re all about the natural lighting, how the heck am I going to do that outside? Emily Osment did a good job as did David Henrie, Moises Arias, et al but weak in the script department. Trip Traps fun. According to imdb news links, Dadnapped beat Spectacular in the ratings war 4.6 million to 3.3 million.

Hey, the new Miley Cyrus video “The Climb” really impressed us. Sounded good, looked like a CMT worthy production. Seems like Disney’s setting her up for launching a country crossover career and heck, she might be really good at it. So good work and good luck.

iCarly — Fred episode fun, although I agree with Freddie. Liked the ostrich; hated the Fred voices. iLook Alike looks like fun. Oh and there can always be more Gibby…best thing about Archuletta episode.

I think this’ll cover me for awhile. Next up, Shakespeare and the a few FT articles that might interest you, but as James Altucher said in his latest column, step away from the computer for awhile and go out and talk to people. On the way to lunch and try that out.

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  1. moviebuff permalink

    With regards to iCarly, I 100% agree, we need to see more Gibby, he makes the episode better everytime he is on it. Give us more, Gibby!, PLEASE!

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