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March 2, 2009

OK, I wasn’t going to put this up here, but I haven’t cracked the non WP code so here’s a peek inside my day as an animator.

I’m going to add a new feature to this and the Blink Kitty Love site, giving you a behind the scenes look at what happens when we do an episode of Gulible and Twitchy or I FlipBoom another bit of Blink Kitty Love fun. Which means I’m going to have to stop cheating and start learning how to use links in this blogging platform.

Today, we experimented with clay and stop motion as a start to our upcoming combining Shakespeare and animation project (two of the things I love most)…but for starters, we were going to do a sort of Gullible and Twitchy version of Frankenstein. We scheduled a Sunday session and shopping for clay made the to do list. I’ve always been a little afraid of clay; allergy to weird textures seems to be an issue sometimes. Didn’t have much trouble with the texture, but the smell under the lights became almost obnoxious. And end of winter is a really good time to prop open a window.

During chi gung in the morning, I came up with the idea of the cats rolling together a head, which as we worked turned into a race to complete a monster head which turned into Twitchy cheating (a very typical Twitchy thing to do).

Ended up with black and two blue clays, manufactured by Van Aken, costing $3.79 a block. We have not cracked open the darker blue one yet. I didn’t buy the smaller more bright color Van Aken ClayToons options because unlike the other clays, they were not marked non toxic. I figure maybe there’s an issue with the dyes. But two colors worked out fine and they echo the colors of Gullible and Twitchy’s traditional nemesis, the Scarecrow. And Hermunn turned out to be pretty cool.

The images are in the computer to be edited together next session, with a special effect or two added. We used Composite Lab Pro to great effect in the last Gullible and Twitchy video, Skate Street, so I’m getting more comfortable with the thought of editing in tricks and tempos. It’s been too long since I’ve had the video camera out — the battery had totally drained and most of the files in storage had been corrupted, which bites. I’m pretty sure I was just keeping them there as backup data storage so nothing lost.

All Gullible and Twitchy videos so far can be found at MyToons. Just look for the orange cats. Now time for a shower and getting the smell of heated softening plastic out of my personal airspace. Good night all.

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