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March 3, 2009

And on a non rant note, tonight’s episode of The Big Bang Theory is one of this season’s funniest. Paintball fun — nice bits of physical comedy (the shootingof the cushion, the shooting of the Penny, the shooting of the Sheldon), great Sheldon, Penny, Leonard conversations, and Wolowitz and Winkel actually work together…got me up off my favorite cushion so I could get more air to laugh with…Looking forward to the upcoming episode(March 9th) with Summer Glau of the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Raj needs another Raj episode though.

Wizards of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana both seem to be going looser and a bit crazier with the comedy and it is working. From Harper Knows on, the let Alex be Alex and consequences be hanged trend really works. Miley seems more relaxed and comfortable playing Miley/Hannah and Emily Osmet and Mitchell Musso have always had good comic chemistry. Disney shows seem to have second season slumps, but Hannah is coming out of it in a way that bodes well for the movie’s prospects.

True Jackson survivor/secret episode funny in parts but they still seem to be stumbling over plotting. All actors still firing on all comic barrels.

Enjoyed Secrets of the Furious Five on NBC last week, yes, simple, but still fun. Time to rewatch Kung Fu Panda and School of Rock, lonelypond’s suggested Jack Black weekend double feature.

Caught Push in an actual cinema — chess with psychics and nice low key special effects. Liked Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning, Ming Na and Cliff Curtis. The woman at the center of the intrigue did nothing for me and the final fight scene was a bit ludicrous — I’m telekinetic so I’m going to bite your leg with an extra glow, which was disappointing after the actually intriguing gun and mirror battles. But I wanted to see more interaction between the hero group, so points for that. Might be an enjoyable rental if you’re in the mood for chess.

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