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March 5, 2009

Warning this post will contain comments on World of Warcraft and the Jonas Brothers and The Watchmen (should I call it meditations on popularity and the attacking hordes?) If any of these disturb you, please enjoy this Shakespeare themed cartoon.

Jonas Brothers 3-D movie opened up but not as big as anyone hoped. I won’t be seeing it but not for a lack of liking the Jonas Brothers, just a lack of liking screaming.  Here’s a fun, funny article from a journalist who flew with them to an Atlanta visit. I prefer fictional band movies — A Hard Day’s Night, for example. At least one reviewer found Beatles infuence in the Burning Up movie. The brothers in rock seem to bring out good moods in some of the journalists covering and reviewing them; that can’t be a bad thing. Especially with an upcoming TV series to promote. My favorite Jonas Brothers song — well, I like the Hold On video where the whole house blows away around them — but if you read this blog at all, you’ll know that sort of thing appeals to me. And I do occasionally worry about that. And Gayle frequently reminds me of the list of things I’m not supposed to do to the house while shooting any of the movies or animations.

Can’t figure out if any of the Blink Kitty Love members would listen to the JoBros…they’re arm wrestling/lawn darting over the issue right now. Stayed tuned.

(and yes, we are currently listening to Radio FlashCatFlash on, which is tuned to Radio Jonas.)

The Burning Crusade…yes, I hit level 60 and yes, I decided to try the free trial and spent two of my most frustrating nights so far of WoW. Took me 10 tries to figure out the Shatter Point bombing runs — try the aerial view and ignore the REALLY BIG guys. There are NO trees; I like trees. And now I’m 1 point away from level 61 (and the level 61 quest Beau wants to do) and although I keep wracking up the experience, it won’t actually breach the next level. So when I tried the pay for your upgrade online option, I got error message 202, call customer service. Customer service was quite willing to take my money over the phone and I’m hoping the leveling glitch sorts itself out. I’ve switched from a holy paladin to a retribution paladin because first level 60 plus group, well, we kept getting jumped by three groups at once and our tank didn’t tank. But my hit points always did because I was healing other people and not paying attention to me. And also, there were the horde players who would appear behind me and hacking/blasting away. So much fun. So I’m switching to a ret paladin (see, I almost sound like I know what I’m doing), read a couple of guides — one to legal hacks so I’m thinking of trying MazzleUI to see if I can find a better interface. Right now, I’m logged out in Exodar — pretty cool, very empty auction house — where my newly respecced paladin is waiting for the next session when my brother shows up with some good gear for me (I’m saving for a charger). The Burning Crusade so far only makes me long for a colder ale at the end of the night.

The Watchmen —see previous post — for why I’m not watching it and why you should watch The Shadow. Here’s the New Yorker’s Anthony Lane reviewing it, which alters my opinion not a whit but goes into detail (graphic, be warned) about the movie, since he’s seen it– and more importantly, reviews “Leave Her To Heaven,” comparing it tangentially to The Watchmen and leaving Gayle with a watch Gene Tierney do ruthless urge. The Netflix account is becoming inevitable.

Oh, and for those waiting for my “Girl Who Leapt Through Time” review, I haven’t been able to track down a copy yet; apparently, I didn’t nag little brother #2 enough when he came out to see Henry V, which I still need to write a review of (short version: stirring, company more suited to comedy than command.)

Enjoy your weekend.



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