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March 19, 2009

Last Chance Harvey — rent it, see it…Dustin Hoffman amazes — he finds new emotions somewhere; Emma Thompson charming; good good show.

Cars — finally watched it…some nice moments, racing very cool; scenery pale compared to the real stuff (animation can’t do sunlight+scenery). Still mired in the Pixar mawkishness.

Sonny With A Chance — funnier the second time and continuing. Disney shows hit 6-8 on the consistency scale while with Nick you’re more likely to get either 3 or a 9.

If you haven’t watched my BOOKS + INSPIRATION clip, you should. I had a lot of fun doing it and may think up some more short form topics (considering voice).

iCarly — iLook Alike a fun concept, but too out of character with Spencer getting trashed against a wall…

Hannah Montana — but we like Joannie, but Oliver would never keep a girlfriend so well, bring her back occasionally. Looking forward to the movie; The Climb still great.

Been watching What I Like About You (Beau’s fault)…early seasons better; jennie Garth actually pretty good with the physical stuff but her character gets annoying later.

Speaking of Nick and The N — yes, I do miss Radio Free Roscoe.

Still reading the Financial Times, although dropping The Economist because of time + money constraints, craving Indian food and planning for the start of The Miser.

Finished a Jonas Brothers themed Blink Kitty Love(yes, and you’ll laugh), listening to Radio Jonas on Radio Lonelypond on (Demi Lovato — Party currently up).

Have been trying to build up Radio Blink Kitty Love (thank you for your excellent widgets), but it gets a bit grim at times and I miss Radio Lonelypond.

Twitter still rocks. Trying out a Dwarven hunter and a Tauren druid in World of Warcraft — like the hunter better…always wanted to be Robin Hood.

Not reading enough…or writing…rented the new Wonder Woman movie, need to watch it tomorrow or I’ll own it. Still haven’t watched Steamboy…really need to budget NetFlix in…

Going to watch 2nd The Parent Trap soon…sad for Natasha Richardson’s family; like the first version better, but thought she + Dennis Quaid did an excellent job w/ imperfect script.

Good night, my friends. Take care of yourselves.

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