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March 28, 2009

And if I didn’t have a problem with it, I would have said something sensible, noble and touchy-feely like being true to myself or the journey or…

So here I am in a ferment…I hate them when I’m in them, but often something positive comes out once I’ve churned my way through so I have learned to be a little patient with them — or at least not let them totally unnerve me.

I also feel like I should be walking but this is one of those topple over in a strong wind days so I’m channelling energy through the finger and forearm muscles. And should is a verb I’ve outlawed…

Patience, patience was supposed to be a launching point for a segue involving my friend@LisaMurray , Friday’s Awesome Optimist on the Awesome Optimist youTube channel. This week’s episode: Patience. Lisa wanted to know what stopped and frustrated you. So I started thinking about that.

And then there was Gomez, in Lancaster when we were videotaping Red Sea Radio in Harrisburg for Jeremy. So I started a Twitter conversation with them and, bless them, they started a twitter conversation with @blinkkittylove which was exciting and fun and distracted me from not feeling well but also started me thinking more about Blink Kitty Love.

And then there was @nicolaz who tweeted a new blog post and I decided to read and it was about the pleasures of reading which led me to thinking about the pleasures, many and sundry of writing.

And also, the lack of gay characters in what I do…although, that’s not strictly true. It’s just something I throw at myself when I’m trying to continue creative purgatory instead of finding something to laugh at or do. “The Mystery” has a gay character at its center, should (there we go) I ever rewrite it (and as I have a really cool sequel I WANT (the word we actually need) to write), “The M” needs to happen. But I also have been stewing about Blink Kitty Love, because TK was stuck in the androgynous zone(male? female? I didn’t know) and I was so hoping either or both TK or Tinker would turn out gay but TK’s skewing guy, Tinker’s still got her crush and Tammy’s putting old school kd lang songs into my head. And yes, if you’ve ever written anything, you’ll know that characters do occasionally make up their own minds. When I was writing In The Bleak December, Sally wouldn’t listen to me at all. And that was a good thing.

So, where am I? Not writing, not walking, feeling a bit better now and I should probably stop ranting and grab the last bit of sun. Tallyho.

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