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April 4, 2009

No James Altucher in the FT since mid-February and when I went in search of an on line Altucher outlet, bad things tried to download themselves into my computer…not happy about that at all. I assume it’s because he is, of course, popular among the finance crowd and they have financial information(and possibly actual finances) to abscond with. That’s why I preferred reading him on pink paper.

Pet Shop Boys interview cool, including this portion which I will read to my cast on Monday. I always like to share heartening glimpses of why comedy is important:

“It was Lowe, in his younger days, explaining that he believed music should be about “making people happy and having a good time”… “It’s a lot easier to make miserable music,” the keyboardist says, sitting on the sofa, Twittering gadget returned to his pocket. “To make uplifting pop or dance I think is one of the hardest things to do. To be in your bedroom and put some minor chords together and whinge – I think that’s the easy option. To write something like a great Motown record, which has built-in euphoria and changes your mood for the better – that’s really quite an achievement.”

The Pet Shop Boys tweet; I’m going to have to look them up. Speaking of Twittering bands, had a lot of fun last weekend chatting up @gomeztheband with @blinkkittylove. They’re on tour and it was great to have a bit of fun with TK, their big fan, unable to go to a concert. I’m going to have work Gomez into an animated episode. I did get to see them on Jimmy Fallon, which I may go downstairs and watch in a few minutes as Lauren Graham is on tonight and I do like Lauren Graham.

Fallon’s show wasn’t bad, although he seemed very uncomfortable with his suit. Loved The Roots — great band. Gomez did a tight version of Airstream Driver. Some day I hope to catch them in concert — me or the Blink Kitty Love crew. We’ve offered to meet them in a Scooby Doo cartoon.

Speaking of new talk shows, caught Chris Isaacs a couple of times…enjoyable; nice to see more music than just one number and I think the singers (Trisha Yearwood is the one I remember) responded to someone who knows the tour/concert life and the language.

Sarah Hemming profile of Rufus Norris is another of her perceptive looks into someone else’s life of the theatre that makes me feel not so alone — “often drawn to plays that shred his nerves” — this sort of comment is a reminder that the best sort of projects are the ones that give you the edge of a cliff poised to fall or fly feeling.

Hemming’s Dido, Queen of Carthage review puts that Marlowe play on my list to read (once I’m done with the Moliere and the Shakespeare.) Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus is one of the most intense reading experiences I’ve ever had, second to my reread of 1984 — at 20 so much more scary and possible than 12 — and even more now in this interactive and technological age.

Cool article today(yesterday) about Taiwanese Pili puppets, updated for television and science fiction action. Might have to track them down — youTube search maybe?

And now, please excuse me because I think I really must go see what Lauren Graham is up too, although if I had Lauren Graham and a production of Guys and Dolls to do, I would have cast her as Sky Masterson (it’s the kind of thing I do). She’d probably look great in the hat and smirk usually associated with the role.

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