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April 11, 2009

Now, I haven’t hit TV reviews in a couple of weeks so if you don’t want to know whether I missed iCarly or Smallville, please click on this Pearls Before Swine comic encouraging reading.

Some episodes are better than others so I’m developing a theory that certain characters can make or break an episode. Examples:


Neville (iCarly) — the writers seem to have become addicted to Neville and have turned him from a villain with potential to a reason not to watch the show.

Spencer(iCarly): Good Spencer improves iCarly (iHate Sam’s Boyfriend, iKiss); bad Spencer just drags everything down (iWant a Car)

Sheldon (The Big Bang Theory): yes, he can wreck an episode, especially if it’s just Sheldon vs. Leonard as the main conflict. Sheldon really thrives in the group dynamic or when he has to go to someone for help — or someone comes to him.

Miley’s Boyfriend o’ the Episode (Hannah Montana): Jake Ryan great, but the one shot guys are terrible.

Alex (Wizards of Waverly Place): don’t do Alex right or mix her with a boy and you’re done. Let her play off Harper, Justin, Mr. Larritate or Mom — Quincinera episode rocks, Harper Knows also as well as the latest one with JoAnne Worley…

True (True Jackson): having True do something just to give us an episode is the surest way to torpedo one.


Sam(iCarly): especially when she has feelings: I love the iKiss episode.

Gibby (iCarly): iLOVE GIBBY, especially when dancing or minature golfing.

Howard (The Big Bang Theory): yes, I REALLY hate to say it but Howard can make an episode — The Peanut Factor, making out with Leslie Winkel, dropping everything for Penny’s cousin.

Rico (Hannah Montana); yes, Rico, another in the I can’t believe I’m saying this category, but Rico is the villain you want on your show.

Justin (Wizards): yes, he’s the epitome of geek cool (sorry Raj) and is the solid center the magic craziness spins around.

Lulu and Ryan (True Jackson): I wasn’t sure about them after the first episode but since then, they’ve been an irreplaceable part of the comedy.

Max (True Jackson): episodes with Max are better than episodes without Max (except the Reunion episode)…he’s got the perfect level of craziness and concern.

Sonny With A Chance — looking forward to the episode with Kelly Blatz tomorrow. Haven’t managed to work Aaron Stone into my schedule, but I think it will be an excellent opportunity for watching Tawni and Chad work out their comic excellence. It’s Flash’s new favorite show — with no RFR (boo The N), we occasionally watch it On Demand in the mornings.

Smallville: still not missing it. Almost watched the Zatanna episode, yes, brunette, fishnets, I’ll click in…but couldn’t stomach watching Lois play Chloe…haven’t heard anything compelling…watched The Recruit episode from Season 4, I think…one of the good ones with Lois.

Caught El Tigre yesterday with my late lunch. Fun…so colorful and full of so many jokes and sight gags it overflows. I love when it reminds me how much I like it.

And that should tide you over for awhile.

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