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April 20, 2009

Have discovered the local library (libraries rock) stocks Scott Pilgrim graphic novels and so am catching up on the craziness that is dating Ramona Flowers, fighting her evil ex-boyfriends and being part of Sex Bob-Omb. And it is great and crazy and funny and familiar in a way that has nothing to do with anything (well, maybe one evil ex-boyfriend fight) that ever happened to me (and maybe if I’d stayed in Toronto a little longer) and I love it in a messy, unkempt really need a good haircut way. And the art gets tighter as the series continues…The movie should be interesting.

Bandslam got a small blurb in the Entertainment Weekly Summer Movie issue so that’s more buzz.

And to segue from a Vanessa Hudgens movie to a Zac Efron one, 17 Again is the top movie for the weekend with 24.1 million dollars projected box office. We saw it on Friday (Flash is throwing mad miffy face at any mention of the Hannah movie so we’re waiting for the DVD). Not bad, not funny, and a bit messagey for me, but good roles for Matthew Perry and Leslie Mann, solid performances from Sterling Knight, Michelle Trachtenberg and the man all over the posters, Efron. But very, very clunky in places (long speeches to indicate Efron’s character was actually a Dad not working)…and Josie Lopez seems to be popping up suddenly, here and next Friday on the Disney Channel’s Hatching Pete.

My nine year old niece’s favorite Jonas brother is Kevin, she loves Camp Rock, she saw the 3-D Burning Up movie, she has the date and time of the Jonas show premiere memorized and yet even after this PR push, I can’t say I’m looking forward to it (and I loved The Monkees show, at least until I watched the episodes recently On Demand)…the more clips I see, the more forced the humor seems, although Gayle and I agree, Kevin looks like he’s having the time of his life. I wish them well (I, Jobot aside), but fear they may discover comedy is harder than it looks.

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