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May 1, 2009

Catch up on TV reviews:

Big Bang Theory continues funny — although I am disappointed that Leslie dumped Howard…guess they’ve decided the boys just shouldn’t date for any length of time.

SciFi ran a Eureka marathon and we caught the Best in Faux episode…still fun, but still not as chock full of quirky goodness as the first season. New episodes coming in July and there’s a Eureka comic out there…

Sonny With A Chance also continues funny…always enjoy a good ensemble comedy with physical flair.

Wizards Of Waverly Place (the brain switching episode) made me cry with laughter — great funny, physical stuff from Selena Gomez….movie should be fun.

The Earth Day episodes on Nick were interesting. I thought the iCarly one was very funny and took an interesting tack by pointing out how difficult it can be to judge what’s actually going to help. True Jackson didn’t really pound the green message but was a fairly good mix of silliness and laughter. Greg Proops always turns in an excellent comic performance.

Hatching Pete was not a big hit…Jason Dolley went up a few notches on my can handle a romantic lead chart, but the directing did the story no service…for a movie with so much action, the camera moved too much…I think you can have a choice, move the actors or move the camera, but unless you’re really good, do not attempt both.

Finished watching the Wonder Woman DVD…visually very very nice, but I thought the voice talent and script weak…Hades reminded me way too much of the villainess from The Little Mermaid and I was very glad I had rented and not purchased.

Caught the first half of the new teen Iron Man show On Demand. Didn’t enjoy it…not fond of that style of animation.

Star Trek getting the big culture buzz (FT bio of J J Abrams, big Entertainment Weekly article this week) but I still have my doubts about Chris Pine as Kirk. He seems to lack physical and command presence; Kirk isn’t a smolderer. Pine was cast in The Princess Diaries 2 to be less commanding than Anne Hathaway and I think Gary Marshall’s instinct have been proven to be spot on more often than not. What comforts me is that I saw a meet the characters promo on Nick and McCoy seems to have retained his wry sense of humor and Abrams has done an INCREDIBLY good job casting actors (yes, even Zachary Quinto — did you not see him go gay and bitchier and funnier than Tori in So Notorious) who can do comedy — banter and flirting of all kinds is essential to the Star Trek universe in any reboot.

I think that’s enough for now — lunch is calling…well, it would be if I knew what it was…


  1. Great reviews. Enjoyed the read

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