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May 1, 2009

ToonBoom just announced they are releasing Studio 5, which includes stop motion capability. Sounds exciting and like it would be fun to play with, but unless the birthday hippo (ask my Mom about the hippo, it’s her idea) e-mails me a license key, I won’t be getting it for awhile.

So Michelle’s birthday list right now (and no this isn’t the one that includes world peace, marriage for all and an influenza cure because those are ever goals not acquisition goals).

Jabberwocky and LONELY POND MONSTER (looking for love) in film festivals.

Publisher for In The Bleak December and/or agent for me, my art and my idea factory.

Room in the budget to renew my FT subscription

Original Laugh-out-loud Cats art

And after all those, well then maybe Studio 5…The dragon doodles from last night were done in Studio Express, the first animation program I tried out…I have yet to learn to use it effectively because FlipBoom is too much fun and too easy. But there are some projects on my might do list that could use a more sophisticated program and the stop motion feature interests me greatly.

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