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May 1, 2009

1. great poem
2. cool flame monster
3. sword

but here’s the official version (and see mp4 version of movie):

Director’s Statement for the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival:

Poetry — I have been directing the comedies of William Shakespeare at DreamWrights Youth and Family Theatre for over a decade and I have seen again and again the difference words well used can make. Verse helps actors and audience gain familiarity and confidence with language. Parents of children I’ve worked with come up to me later amazed at how much a fan of Shakespeare their children have become (and how much better the children are doing in English classes). Poetry and verse make language and the ideas couched in it understandable.

My childhood had the poetry of A.A. Milne and Robert Louis Stevenson along with the fairies and comic verse of Shakespeare. Later, I added in ee cummings and Robert Frost and Odgen Nash and Lewis Carroll, with a touch of Doctor Seuss.

Jabberwocky is the poem I recited from memory to my younger brother at bedtime when I would come back from college for a visit or a summer. Its wordplay and adventure, plus the memories of a five year old Beau listening fascinated made it an easy choice as a movie subject.

One Comment
  1. I had a teacher in middle school who was obsessed with that poem – OBSESSED. Strange.

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