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May 5, 2009

Shatner is the only Kirk…yep.

Jonas Brothers show better than I expected (ratings ok); girls strong…a bit too much Nick’s so serious about girls. Mostly harmless.

Caught “The Penguins of Madagascar” tonight — much better animation debut for me than Iron Man…some very funny bits and I like the way the penguins move. But could tire of it very fast. Did make me laugh though.

Also caught first animated clip of The Princess and The Frog on the Disney Channel…looked nice, but thought the frog might have sounded a bit Pepe Le Pew, but too quick for anything to really register…apparently, they’re going to run a preview during this Saturday’s Wizards of Waverly Place. Speaking of Wizards, the silent movie homage this past week was great…more physical comedy, please. And thank you.

iCarly movie coming up (iDate a Bad Boy) and iGo Japan rebroadcast next Monday (5/11)…apparently iCarly is the kid plus tween ratings ruler of the moment. Based on iGo Japan, looking forward to iDate (and I’ll be needing a break from Shakespeare).

That does it for now…good night.

P.S. On a me note, I miss having the Blink Kitty Love site to mess around with lyrics and music and such…started the redesign, Tammy took over and it’s pink…oy.

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