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May 6, 2009

Last.fming Depeche Mode’s Shake The Disease and I miss having a site to drop music lyrics and links into…I love the song, it perfectly expresses a very specific mood that strikes me(and I do mean strike with a tangible force)…I could keep dropping lyrics into the Blink Kitty Love site, but without video embedding support from myToons, there’s no visual content as both youTube and Aniboom still drop out frames.

Plus, I’m not sure the lyrics are appropriate for the site…the biggest Blink Kitty Love fan is my nephew Joe (13 years of age) and over pizza and burgers at the King Of Prussia mall the last time we got together he spent an hour grilling me about the band, who was crushing on who, why TK wasn’t crushing on anyone, wouldn’t it be funny if Tammy did this and what was the other girl’s name again (Tinker) and how did Ty’s head get turned upside down? Then, he started spewing forth a string of ideas (and yes, one of them I’m probably going to use later)…I tried to encourage him to create his own band, but he claims he can’t draw. I’m going to have to get him a video camera; he’s a natural director.

But if he’s Blink Kitty Love’s biggest fan, then what am I doing seeding their website with Adam Ant, Soft Cell, Depeche Mode, Gomez, David Bowie, Liz Phair…none of those bands appear on iCarly, another one of his favorites and there’re some concepts he doesn’t understand yet…

So I’m steeping over the website redesign and trying to figure out RapidWeaver (thank you @autonomydesign*), Tammy’s taken over and at the moment it’s PINK…I’m not a fan of pink, the color; I’m a go on Pink the singer. I’m going to have to get Tinker or Ty to take over the process…

Anyway, any Blink Kitty Love fans with feedback, let me know. And you can view the episodes here at their new home,, and download the full, high quality versions here…and once I get The Miser up and running, there will be new content and a new website (color/theme suggestions welcome). Share the Blink Kitty Love…

*Disclaimer: And yes, I think I have a crush (Blink Kitty Love crush contagious) on the oh so cool Autonomy Design website and one of my new goals is to get enough of an income stream to let them worry about the pink thing.

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