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May 19, 2009

Yes, I started a #hashtag on Twitter for Taming of The Shrew news, notes and concerns. Because, yes, I just finished The Miser and I am absolutely no good at taking time off…I am slightly better when there’s not another project with auditions coming up in a week, but still, generally not much good.

The Miser went very well. I sat in the audience on Saturday afternoon and laughed and marvelled at how the storm during Harpagon’s monologue at the end of Act 4 went perfectly for once (the next show the light board froze and yes, I was subbing for the PSM who had an asthma attack and no, I didn’t break anything. These things happen. Actors continued without a break; no one knew what they were missing.)

So, now I’m thinking about Taming and wondering if I actually like punk rock. I don’t want it to be a one off this is how Kate is different kind of flourish; I did suggest yesterday making Bianca and her suitors a band, which got me a look from Gayle (a non encouraging look). Then Miley Cyrus’s The Climb (starting to take odds for Miley singing that at next year’s Oscar ceremony) came on the radio and I suddenly had an image of stripped down white t-shirt and jeans, and then Petruchio started to graphitti it and then…

But before that, there we were at the alternate office and I was, as previously mentioned, not terribly sure that if I started listening to punk music I would like it — the punk book Gayle found in the sale bin is heavy on the Sex Pistols. My inclination would be to start with Adam Ant, who isn’t actually punk; apparently I’m more New Wave…fun fact I learned yesterday, Joan Jett is considered punk by some…Gayle pulled a Clash Live DVD and I recognized a couple of the songs…I’m more of a Combat Rock Clash than the late 70’s Clash, but it’s a start.

Of course, the first problem is really actors…and once I have them, the show goes from there. Just got an e-mail about how much trouble they were having getting volunteers to staff auditions, so I’m worried. This is a make or break year for the program (10 years of touring Shakespeare during the summer, offering free, family friendly, high quality performances in local parks) and I need actors.

So the pre audition plan is: load the complete works of Shakespeare into my iPod (YES! and yes, I am that kind of a geek), actually get some R & R, maybe do some FlipBooming, listen to the Radio Gayle makes me a Punk station on — check back here for the link, and try not to have audition nightmares by some strategy other than not sleeping.

N.B. Must be careful…listening to Rock The Casbah, yelled and clapped, startling a sleeping Flash. Not a good idea. New plan: Find place with free WiFi, take iPod, stream, let sleeping cats snore.

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