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May 22, 2009

No, I am not the biggest Ben Stiller fan — Keeping The Faith is my Ben Stiller movie of choice — but the addition of Amy Adams into the Night at the Museum mythos piqued my interest. Then FX played the orginal on Tuesday and it was fun, a little too much Ben Stiller with a monkey but I am an Owen Wilson and Dick Van Dyke fan and the museum coming to life after dark is just too cool a thought not to get caught up in.

So Night at The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian has made the weekend to-do list. Click through for the Entertainment Weekly review.

And on a #tamingshakespeare note, audition notices did not appear in the local paper, which is really annoying (have to write quick press release now — DW has passed buck by shifting blame through PR committee and the newspaper and then back to me, welcome to the bureaucratic shuffle where no one acknowledges a mistake on their part — so I’m back to do it all myself.)

#tamingshakespeare music note: had the mad urge to listen to modern punksters Green Day’s 21st Century BreakDown so I acquired it (on sale, Target) and drove around listening to it…and my question is, is Green Day derivative with a purpose or even on purpose. Catchy bits, but it’s driving me back to the origins of punk rock, which makes Gayle happy…no station yet though.

Have a great weekend, museum visits or no.

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