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May 26, 2009

Three holidays on one day — that’s a lot. Memorial Day, Towel Day, and my birthday. And yes, feel free to leave birthday wishes in the comment feed.

Happy Memorial Day…that was all over Twitter this morning, along with plans for parades and barbecues and Gomez stranded in Cleveland with nothing to do and everything closed (if you believe their Twitter feed, they resorted to cannabilism)…but happy? Proud, maybe; perhaps solemn, but happy? I almost joined the military on two separate occasions — before college and after — but there was the possibility of dating Gayle vs. language school in Monterry and you’ll have to lie just doesn’t work for me. I knew people who led double lives to be in the military and it was a terrible and stupid strain. Before college, when I was being recruited for and actively considering a NROTC scholarship, I decided that since I didn’t know what I wanted to do for four years in college, committing myself for five years after was a mistake. And watching friends get up at 5 a.m. and earlier to do PT did nothing to convince me I’d made a mistake.

Gayle has some cousins and other relatives in the military and all have served in active war zones and it is a whole and constant family worry event. So a toast to all those who have and continue to serve.

Towel Day was a new one — it’s a celebration of Douglas Adams and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy. Someone picked a day two weeks after his death and everyone’s supposed to carry a towel. So now you know.

My birthday…well, I have a friend with the same birthday so we borrowed his cookout and had a blast playing Mah Johg. Fun. And it started off with my favorite Buffy* episode over breakfast. Oh, and cool old school Superman t-shirt and the rest of the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels for presents, so score several for the birthday hippo.

Tomorrow, #tamingshakespeare aka SHREW! auditions; tonight, RadioFlashCat and trying to finish a new Blink Kitty Love. Flash has had a rough weekend — two seizures Saturday. She hates summer weather and is really missing Pongo. But she likes Aberdeen.

And no, we didn’t make it to Night At The Museum. We rented Made of Honor — which was better than I expected, although as always romantic comedy plots hard to find. Great to see Sydney Pollack though — really must have a Tootsie night sometime.

*Twitter + internet rumor has it there may be another Buffy big screen feature sans Whedon and all the Buffy folks we know. And my favorite Buffy episode, well, that’s a conversation that’ll take an entire post. But there is a clue in this one.

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