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May 29, 2009

Read the Rick Riordan Percy Jackson books, darn it…I’ve zipped through four of them in two and a half days, they’re chock full o’ adventure and Greek mythology and lots of cool girls, as well as the hero, Perseus Jackson, son of Poseidon. Want to read the fifth one, but first, must see if I can get a copy through the library(it’s hardcover and I don’t have that much of a book budget) and second, well it’s Shakespeare season.

And with Shakespeare season, comes vacations and frantically trying to fit in a Saturday rehearsal with blocking before one of the actresses leaves town for two weeks, which means I really need a set inspiration. I find myself tired of boxes and benches, but anything we’ve ever had more complicated than that has been subject to the vagaries of the wind — I could tell you stories and it would start with a play called The Tempest (yes, yes, that might have been a clue), a 15 foot ship’s mast with sails and a swimming pool.

So, the story of the Last Olympian must wait while I angle for inspiration. Theatre is an art they appreciated, after all.

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