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June 1, 2009

My Gullible and Twitchy co-conspirator Calvin (@pseudochron) has written a Python program that will convert Shakespeare plays so he can read them on his snazzy new watch…this is excellently cool. And yes, of course, I want one. But I first need to download the complete works of Shakespeare to my iPod (done, it’s the Shakespeare app by Readdle and it’s free) Don’t mess with the Bard; he’s classic cool.

On a #tamingshakespeare note, SHrw the punk operetta is no longer our goal (and yes, feel free to blame Green Day). Doesn’t work with the actors, didn’t really work before the actors — I find it hard to do the plays with integral servants in a modern style; it just doesn’t take. So I’ll save punk for the next Midsummer and we’re going back to the original American riot grrrls, the Flappers. Gayle’s putting a mix of “Some Like It Hot” and ragtime in my head; I’ve designed a boardwalk set and so welcome to my summer as a beach bum. I wonder how Rebecca’s going to react to the news that we need 18 Roaring 20’s style bathing costumes.

And here’s why you should “Brush Up Your Shakespeare,” although I do enjoy Keenan Wynn’s performance in Kiss Me Kate the movie.

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