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June 2, 2009

No, that’s not a misspelling; I’m just amusing myself.

Sarah Hemming interview this past weekend with Thea Sharrock, who is directing As You Like It at the Globe…we start off with a discussion of weather — The Globe being an open air theatre — and go from there.

Hemming has recently been reviewing shows I’ve always considered too dull, grim and beloved of academics for me. Her reviews of Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House” and Becket’s “Waiting For Godot” (can’t find a link, but fairly sure it was hers or else an interesting hallucination) actually might have had me in the house for a performance but I am hobbled by the width and depth of the Atlantic — and a strong aversion to “idea” plays. But I pay more attention to reviews than lectures.

Vanessa Friedman has been in politics + fashion + thinking mode; last week, she delved into the “gender based clothing double standard” and a discussion of why Barack Obama’s tailor is filing for bankruptcy and this week, how just because you’re pretty, stacked and the Prime Minster of Italy likes you, doesn’t mean we can assume you are a bimbo.

Interview with Iranian film director Abbas Kiarostami. He discusses censorship, the Mozart opera he’s directing and develops a metaphor along lines that I’ve been mulling over myself recently, himself as a tree.

And another article on the play I most want to direct, Tom Stoppard’s “Arcadia” that reminds vividly of the humor and beauty contained therein.

And Jan Dalley’s guest culture column(so far a happy thought) on previously unseen Jodphur art from India in the Garden and Cosmos exhibit at the British Museum reminds me that Sita Sings The Blues is still on my list of movies to watch; I’ve got my Tweetdeck set to topic search for it; a new glowing comment pops up with notable frequency.

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