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June 6, 2009

Picked up Man In The Chair at BlockBuster in one of my I want to see something different moods on the strength of Michael Angarano and Christopher Plummer starring in it and watched it this afternoon. Excellent performances by both gentleman and the rest of the cast, especially M. Emmet Walsh as a depressed and retired writer. A aged take on the let’s get together and put on a show in the barn concept, with some points to make. Some neat lighting effects. A bit harsh if you’re a dog lover, but worth watching.

I’ve liked Michael Angarano since Sky High, which had a solid cast — Danielle Panabaker, Dave Foley (always good to see Mr. Foley), and Steven Strait. And very nice to see Lynda Carter in something longer than a commercial.

And then came The Forbidden Kingdom, where Angarano finds himself caught (and flung) between Jackie Chan and Jet Li; thoroughly enjoyable. Angarano makes interesting choices; wonder what’s next.

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