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June 9, 2009

Stan Lee’s coming to the Pittsburgh ComicCon (I told you it was a a happening town.)

Robot TV from my robot mime friends at metroccolis.

There’s a cool word crunching turn ’em into graphics program out there called Wordle (thanks to @alantlwilson for the head’s up.) Here’s a look at the blog and Taming of The Shrew. I also ran Kate’s speech through and as you can see, the dominant word is thy, which supports the advice to other people about their behavior theory. I’m going to run one of Petruchio’s speeches through next; I figure the real crux of their relationship is when they go off at the end of III ii, after the marriage. Here’s my Wordle gallery with all the acts and the two speeches broken down and the yes, names dominate because it’s a script, but Kate dominates as well and only Petruchio calls her that. So I think the key is in the Kates.

Anything else…hmm, you’ve been missing TV reviews. Flash’s new favorite show is “What I Like About You.” Wizards of Waverly Place is still rocking on the ensemble comedy front. So much fun, so fast, such great chemistry. I want the clothes that Horace Mantis High School requires you to wear on JONAS…the show is scoring massive points for style, Chelsea Staub, and the JoBros giving 1000% percent. I’m enjoying it — and occasionally having the Pizza Girl song drift through my head. Happy to hear Miley signed for a fourth Hannah season…kind of weirded out by the sudden Mitchell Musso as a singer push. Haven’t been watching iCarly much, but still enjoying classic episodes and Jenette McCurdy’s guest appearance on True Jackson.

And an exciting thing happened today; Gayle brought home the Eureka 2nd half of Season 3 preview today (thanks Mel); check back here for the preview review. And good night.

Here’s a sample Wordle:
Wordle: Shrew, Act 1

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