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June 14, 2009

My new favorite thing about the internet: Kingdom of Loathing.

Fun photos I’ve been posting on Twitter.

Great column on poetry by Harry Eyres.

Sarah Hemming (we can add a thing to 10 Things I Hate About Sarah Hemming) reviews Arcadia.

New iCarly/new True Jackson…fun. Max is always fun; Gayle apparently loves when True tells Dad stories; and I want Max’s car. Now, what was the iCarly episode about — oh, DIngo Studios — great fun to see Sam whapping people with a sweat sock; Gibby always fun, little bit too taking a dig at a Disney/Fox mutant hybrid, but a fair to midrange episode.

Eureka — watched second half of Season 3 first two episodes. First one, airing on July 10th and dealing with Carter’s replacement as sheriff, was rocking with whimsical Eureka goodness. Second one totally tanked, although if you like Jo in a sexy red dress you won’t care that every science fiction show in this and every alternate universe has done that storyline (and many have done it better). So need a tie breaking episode.

And so good night. That should tide you over for awhile. I have an agenda full of sleep, showering and Shakespeare. I like it.

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