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June 18, 2009

I have been up the past couple of nights watching in fascination, horror and amazement as #iranelection scrolled by on my Twhirl and Twitter screens, as avatars slowly became a column of green — my Tweetdeck background is green so that’s really fun. And I am amazed that the invention/discovery/engine changing the world isn’t a hydrogen engine, affordable solar power, a way to zap waste, cure AIDs or the discovery of the Babel Fish, it’s Twitter — a simple service that connects people any way they want to connect to it…amazing, awe inspiring and a little scary. I bet governments are having meetings concerning what if #iranelection happened here and Great Britain has appointed a “Twitter czar” (I hate the use of the word czar in government positions; it’s lazy and inappropriate.)

Back to #iranelection, Twitter is a game changer. People are using it to make friends, plug products, exchange ideas, share links, support, learn, laugh, inspire, lead…Tweetdeck will translate tweets for you (I have done that for Hebrew, Japanese, German and Spanish) — it’s not a perfect translation, but a huge wall now has a window into the culture you want to connect with.

I have been trying to fit Twitter with a metaphor that works for my experience– and the one I came up with was college campus, with friends in various quadrants/classes that you can talk to when you’re in the sort of a mood you talk to that person in, or when you call up your movie going friend or your drinking or book buddy. There are friendships and flirtships and coteries. You meet people, you connect, you break up, you drift, you wonder, you roam, you howl at the moon, you learn the etiquette, you cheer for your team, you wake up the next morning and think what did I say, you create new patterns, you talk on a digital front porch, you smile, you LOL or LMAO, you frown, you : \ or ; ). And it’s voluntary — your Twitter quilt is what you make it.

And you stay up all night watching the world in a mix of green and flames and wonder…Twitter, campus or country? If the end of the world comes, I want my iPod Touch (with de Blob, darts and the complete works of Shakespeare), my cellphone and my Twitter peeps on my team. I’ll be the one with the twinkling green eyes, quoting Henry V’s St. Crispin Day speech…

“we tweeps, we happy tweeps”

Good night…that’s what too much Twitter + Shakespeare will get you.

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