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June 27, 2009

Princess Protection Program has taken over Twitter tonight and the reviews seem mostly positive. Yes, we watched it; yes, Flash bopped around with a happy, girly tail and yes, it was one of the better Disney movies that have rolled out recently. Demi Lovato’s misplaced princess turn moved me more than I expected and Selena Gomez always manages excellent work. A bit too many “how to be a princess” references for me, but I bet my nine year old niece was taking notes while wearing her Camp Rock shirt.

Someday, and yes, this is a dream, I would like to see Disney or Nick run a fun, non issue movie where the girl gets the girl. And yes, writing a script and sending it somewhere would be a good first step. But until then, it’s nice to see a more independent breed of heroine becoming popular; I am starting to get annoyed by Jonas just using Macy’s proclaimed athletic prowess as an excuse to give her props and not actually anything that makes her more of a person and less of a caricature. So positive review for the Princess Protection Program (if you watch it tomorrow + count princess mentions, you can unlock new episodes of Wizards and Sonny).

And the Wizards movie is also looking good — it will be nice to see David DeLuise and Maria Canals-Barrera have some time to work; along with everyone else in the Wizards cast, they do excellent comedy. Wizards really seems to have stepped up its game since letting Harper in on the magic secret — we watched the silent film homage episode today — very nice.

Saw some preview scenes of The Princess and The Frog…still not sure if I’m looking forward to it.

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  1. danmihalache permalink

    orthodox rythmic music played at a monastery from Romania

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