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July 9, 2009

Robot avatars on swirling blue backgrounds rock; check out @poetryc

DC Wednesday Comics is a must, according to sources.

World of Warcraft gets a Twitter app (unofficially): Tweetcraft. But there are concerns that it violates Terms of Use + could lead to banning.

@lilipip found this beautiful blue haiku based animation.

And why aren’t you following me on Twitter?

Oh, and this is something I found on Facebook, just for a change of pace…new Economist advertising campaign: clever, intricate and gorgeously done exploration of thinking spaces. You can submit yours.

And, oh yes, I have broken down and gotten Flash a subscription so I don’t get the darn bear during WoW sessions with the little brother. As an enchanting tailoring blood elf ret paladin, I find myself sewing and disenchanting pants for strange dust, which harkens back to my quest for pants beginnings in a strange and dusty kind of way.

And to leave you laughing, @cooljerk takes on vampires and musicals. Or as he says it.

Since we started with robots, we’ll end with @shellsuitzombie recommendation of The Princess and The Robot. Very cool art; nice version of the traditional tale.

And I almost forgot the lovely @Bardcore who started off my Twitterday with their crazy rocking music video version of Hamlet, Act III, scene i.

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