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July 12, 2009

Been watching a guy in his pajamas and an inflatable couch (in a quarter of my computer screen) raising awareness for housing needs and participating in a massive 100 day public art project in Trafalgar Square, London. A different person on the plinth every hour for 100 days. It started July 6 and was conceived by Anthony Gormley. Somebody should graffiti the plinth. Banksy?

And a lower brow note, no plinth or marble involved, finally caught an iCarly and a True jackson tonight…Sam suddenly has a twin in the best of silly sitcom traditions and they’re gradually working True back into the high school crowd. True going back to school is being covered in an upcoming movie: Testing True. iCarly also has a movie coming up, which I hope is better than iDate A Bad Boy.

The Hannah “who will she choose” 1 hour event was well done, fun + suspenseful. Big hit/happy Hannah loving Flash. Disney seems to have cracked this summer’s movies + events. Not really missing the Disney Summer Games.

Listening to Minimum sing on the Plinth. Pretty cool idea, I think; I’m bookmarking the page + will be checking back in. It continues through October.

In the personal, non plinth performance regard aka #tamingshakespeare, had a good rehearsal today and took some publicity photos. Need to send them to the local papers tonight + try to get some rest tomorrow. Need a day off + curling up with a good book or movie or newspaper. Sleep well. Or at least rest a little.

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