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July 21, 2009

Vanessa Friedman on what Emma Watson as a fashion icon represents — I’ve been noticing the Burberry ads, but after seeing Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett photos, I know what Friedman means. Stewart is one of those chameleons who takes on a role with such force that it burns itself into your mind, even in a photo. And no, I still can’t convince myself to watch Twilight…if only I’d actually been able to finish the book. I might rent Adventureland though. And The Runaways is now on my calendar. And on a tangent, the New Moon trailer will run exclusively before Bandslam, the rocking summer movie I’ve been looking forward to, opening August 14th.

Stella McCartney introducing a touch of Disney into her winter fashions advertising campaign…I’m not sure if that means cute is coming back or we’re taking aim at Bambi with a rifle scope. Actually, it does kind of look like Disney meets Stewart so McCartney’s probably doing something right.

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