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August 5, 2009

Liking Warehouse 13 — epsecially now that they’ve added Claudia. Good group dynamic. REALLY HATE the commercials “SyFy” tends to run, but Warehouse 13 seems to be going well on the track to quirky awesomeness. Nice to see Jane Espenson back in the we can have some fun while doing sci fi game.

Eureka is scoring mostly positives (and hardly any Zane — yippee!). And wonder of wonders, a Taggart sighting in tonight’s advertising. Looking forward to his return.

Testing True was a solid effort on Nick’s part — Nick’s redesigning their logo. At least it’s still orange.

Definitely looking forward to the Wizards movie, although kind of neutral on the vampire storyline so far.

Oh, and below is my impulse purchase of the day, which I am now going to go off and read.
Impulse Purchase

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