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August 9, 2009

Wooting actually…Shirt.Wooting + designing for the latest design derby #107 Bags. Check out + vote (please) for my design here.

Saw G.I. Joe on Friday in Theatre 1…loud. But worth it for Marlon Wayans + Rachel Nichols. Their acting and the Ripcord/Scarlet chemistry rode away with the movie. Channing Tatum has lost my Captain America vote; I say we put Mr. Wayans in an action movie and have some fun. Too big, too loud, too noisy with leads who couldn’t carry the emotions required by the backstory. Some nice transitions and shots (glass roof), but also a lot of Star Wars, Sky Captain and The Mummy touches. Looking forward to maybe catching (500) Days of Summer tomorrow and next weekend: BANDSLAM!

Wizards of Waverly Place Vampire vs. Wizards event has wrapped. It gained momentum as it went along. Still very impressed with what the Russo Clan is doing; Jennifer Stone’s Harper is getting better/funnier every week and Bridgit Mendler is a good addition as vampire Juliet. Actual appearance of a zombie prom was fun. It was also good to have Dean closure for Alex, but I’ll be glad when Wizards gets back to regular episodes (and the movie).

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