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August 12, 2009

Just picked up a stack of comics (and it was a stack, thanks largely to the weekly Wednesday Comics — which at $3.99 per week also ups my summer comic expenses.) So since there’s a stack of them, chock full o’ comic variety but only partly full o’ comic goodness, I think a page by page review is in order.

Batman: Story disjointed; colors too dark.

Kamadi: art style matches the story, but giving me a Phantom/Prince Valiant/Tarzan craving.

Superman: more of a downer every week so sad.

Deadman: I love this character; I have no idea what’s going on + I’m interested.

Green Lantern: rocks…this + The Flash/Iris Allen page (see below) are the reasons I keep buying these. Good crisp story, excellent + sharp art, outstanding performance from Kurt Busiek and Joe Quinones.

Metamorpho: hasn’t made sense yet.

Teen Titans: not clicking for me; don’t know if it’s the art or the storytelling, but I’m skimming right through.

Strange Adventures: Strange…but intriguing and the art style works for the alien planet.

Supergirl: pointless, cartoony, maybe fun?

Metal Men: I think it would be more engaging if I were a Metal Men fan + familiar with the personalities.

Wonder Woman: art makes the story barely decipherable. Fail.

Sgt. Rock: solid but SLOW.

The Flash/Iris West: I’m intrigued, worried, involved, surprised and glad it’s a weekly. Excellent job Team Allen.

Demon/Catwoman: twisty, getting more involved with each installment…I like both characters so I’m looking forward to the next turn.

Hawkman: brutal…art + story well done but dark.

And that’s your page by page.

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