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August 17, 2009

I now have a favorite Pixar movie…Ratatouille. Watched it on the Disney Channel last night + was very impressed with the animation, the story, the directing, the authenticity of the characters, the way everything moved. Wow. And none of the usual Pixar tinge of maudlin to interfere. Great animation — there were so many scenes that relied on action rather than words (I could tell because Flash came in and stared at the screen since no one was talking). Great stuff. It’s on my list of DVD purchases to watch again and study the how to features. Oh, and Peter O’Toole continues amazing.

Bandslam — yes, I went to Bandslam on opening day…me and a paltry 100,000 or so other people. And I’m going to go again, because I think there’s chunks of story in the music that goes along with the story + I need to hear it again. I found myself disappointed at the end + I’m not sure why. The movie needed a rock star doing that final number. I think Vanessa Hudgens is an excellent actress, nay, I will go so far as to say a MOVIE STAR, and Aly Michalka rocks out and I think that was part of the trap. I kept switching them in my mind; it happens once you start directing things — you think you can do better…But then I continued thinking about it. Part of the problem was each one of the three main characters goes through major issues/changes — and the narrator’s seemed like the least interesting of the story arcs (gee, two hot girls want to hang out with me, I’m a freaky musical genius, but shock, dark Dad secret). So we spend the most time hearing the voce of the character I was least interested in. I loved the band they made up; it’s going on my list of favorite fictional bands: Dusted Bunnies, Josie and the Pussycats (also the cartoon), 5 Leo Rise, No Man’s Land and now I Can’t Go On I’ll Go On — I’m pretty sure there’s another couple and when I remember them I’ll do a favorite fictional band entry (suggest yours in the comments)…

I suggest seeing Bandslam because there are excellent parts in the middle, it made me laugh, it made me care, you want to see Aly Michalka fronting the band, Vanessa Hudgens can dominate a scene seemingly effortlessly and Lisa Kudrow does an excellent job at being a mom, a cool mom, a funny mom, a big sister groupie and then back to a mom.

Aly and AJ have changed the name of their band to 78violet and have an album coming out this fall. You can still get in on the design the 78violet logo contest (until 8/30).

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