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September 5, 2009

Well, none really. I have a stack of movies — we started the Netflix account + some borrowed — that I’d like to make a dent in. The list? Soapdish (Netflix) — ever watch a soap opera, ever laugh at Sally Field and/or Kevin Kline (yes, A Fish Called Wanda is a must see) — then Soapdish is a can’t miss. What else? Blythe — one of my theatre peeps — loaned me Tristam Shandy(movie/book skipping back + forth with the excellent Steve Coogan) + Bubba Ho Tep (Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis kick some mummy ass) at the end of #tamingshakespeare so I’d like to watch them so I can then arrange a meeting to get my first three Scott Pilgrim graphic novels BACK (yes, I am suffering from a lack of a nearly complete Scott Pilgrim graphic novel stack by my bedside.) Oh, and long ago my former editor + anime/animation connection Mel loaned me Steamboy and although I am reluctant to pop it in, I do want to give it a try. Most of the anime movies I’ve seen are too warcentric for me.

Speaking of movies, my buddies at The Web Files (@The WebFiles) continue to do excellent work and thanks to them I have met my new friends at Movies You May Have Missed (@MYMHM) — we’ve been having snappy conversations the past couple of weeks about remakes + Netflix + streaming movies. Both shows did fun, crossover episodes with each other this week and left me with a craving for MORE movies — The Web Files ep + MYMHM ep. It’s pretty amazing what’s out there on the intrawebs. Check it out…

And, self plug, follow @blinkkittylove‘s feed on Twitter, check out the episodes on their station, or have some musical fun with lyrics at the Blink Kitty Love site.

Have a great weekend. This is my new favorite song.

I am planning* on curling up with the how to manual for ToonBoom’s Studio 5 program so I can figure out how to have some more Blink Kitty Love fun. Crush you later ; )

*Unless I decide to get distracted by Jane Austen or Harry Potter or my three weeks behind stack of FT’s. Or one of the cats decides the 500 page manual is her (or his) new favorite nap spot. Come back Tuesday to see what won.

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