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September 10, 2009

Peter Aspden on Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing + how maybe not making a choice (as an artist) can impact + amplify your effect.

Paul Levitz is back on the Legion — YES. Levitz is stepping down as president + publisher and DC is revamping under the Warner Brothers aegis to take on the mega muscle that will be Disney/Marvel.

Great article on Winston Churchill + the fighting spirit.

Saw Ellen MacArthur on Top Gear; superfast sailor; fastest lap in their old Stars in Ordinary Cars derby. Here’s her blog; want to track down her book.

What the heck, @nicolaz + her partner @kelleyeskridge have started an editing business, @sterlingediting. (Yes, I love Twitter; it’s where I, @lonelypond, win friends + influence people; you have been previously warned; and if you influence or amuse me or annoy me in that grit making a pearl happen fashion, hey, you may very well get a mention right here.) I wish them well in their new endeavour. It is the best of feelings to collaborate on something you love with someone you love (oh, no, verging on sentiment — gak* — definition 4 my favorite. Must sleep more — refer previous entry)

Back to FT and other links (but what about the Legion you say? That’s not British. That’s a glitch not a tangent or even a segue. Caught me, but true love supersedes all.)

I actually find myself in sympathetic agreement with the usually too fluffy, but in a pleasant way, for me Susie Boyt as she struggles with going on holiday and running into a “novelist’s self help manual”.

Profile of Gustav Metzger, artist determined to push the world to survive.

Need to read this book judged by it’s cover.

And a review of Twitterville the book. (I prefer Twitterverse myself, but I’ve yet to write that book.)

And that should tide you over while I get some sun, listen to Radio Blink Kitty Love, lunch, work on that other book, and have a Thursday. Enjoy yours.

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