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October 3, 2009

ReadingThe Iron Flute, a collection of 100 Zen Koans I’m borrowing. Complicated — as a koan should be — great brush art for illustration.

Article about lute player Paula Chateauneuf and improvisation in Renaissance and baroque music.

NY Times link for a switch: “Why Good Writers Can Be Bad Conversationalists.”

Profile of the intriguing Agnès Varda, the “grandmother of French New Wave.” Nigel Andrews’ latest review of her latest film “Les plages d’Agnès,” which is going to the top of my Netflix queue whenever it comes out on DVD.

Somewhat stalled on the creative front…finished the animation for two (yes, two) new + fun Blink Kitty Loves but they need music. Jeremy (Lonely Pond sound guru) is dissolving his band and I was hoping to distract him by convincing him to be the Blink Kitty Love guitar + music guru, but he’s overwhelmed. So I’ve drafted Gayle because the longer the episode the less my musical plunking on the mini midi keyboard suits. And the longer episodes are really working from the story angle. Gayle is thinking about adding in harmonica; I just have to find a way to do that in Garageband. Or buy one — did I mention I used to play the harmonica…it was one of my favorite late night activities before I discovered the internet. I could play “Amazing Grace” + “Red River Valley” from memory.

So, to sum up, I think a bluesy rock sound will work for Blink Kitty Love, but we need to find Gayle some computer time.

Weekend plans: finally watch “No Reservations” which has been sitting on top of my TV for ten days in its red Netflix envelope + get my iPod to transmit video to my TV in something other than black and white. And dig out Fried Green Tomatoes and read a book, darn it.

Good night, all.

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