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October 15, 2009

Picked up two months (7 weeks worth) this week so going to give you a quick summary of the ones I’ve read so far (whole pile of Wednesday Comics waiting, yippee!), in order of excellence.

Adventure Comics (#1-3) — yes, top o’ the list and in the back of the book, Long Live The Legion. And it’s a Legion that includes every character from my wish list, I think — Dawnstar, Wildfire, XS — plus the usual favorites of the core three, Violet + Lightning Lass. Nice little snippets of story; I’m intrigued. And picking up my comics a lot sooner next time. The front of book story involving Superboy is also hitting all the right points — he mostly interacts w/ Krypto at the moment, but the competing list of things Superman and Lex Luthor have done manages to be both humorous + suspenseful. Good job.

Mangalicious Tick (#2,3) — not as funny as I was hoping but I am getting involved with the characters and the story — or maybe I’m just strangely attracted by ninjas…SPOON.

Captain America Reborn (#3) — great to see Namor; I think if they reboot the Fantastic Four movie franchise, they should find a way to involve him. Not sure I’m going to keep reading Cap after the mini series, but it is well written.

Question — back up story in Detective Comics (#856, 857, Annual #11) I wasn’t thrilled with the art in the first one, but I really like the Renee Montoya character. The shorter, snappier back of the book stories seem to be turning out well. Nice work, DC and the creative teams involved.

Nomad (#1-2) Nicely voiced title character, but I think the brainwashing of the high school student body by smooth talkers angle is laid on with too heavy a hand. Great to see The Falcon though. Always liked him.

Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers (#4) — started out fun, totally tanked. Pets never really became anything more than differing styles of dialogue. Lockjaw will always rock, but I won’t be picking up the sequel.

Batwoman (Detective Comics #856, 857 and left out of Annual #11)…ok, the slamming fight scenes covered up for a few issues that people in non fighting poses are ugly or blocky or just don’t look right…there’s no flow without masks and/or hallucinogens and/or cover of darkness. And it’s a shame too because Maggie Sawyer dashed in for an appearance and it’s always good to see her. But especially contrasted with the Question, Batwoman aka Kate Kane seems to be both acting and looking childishly pouty. I don’t like it.

What I’m adding to my pull list: Keith Giffen’s take on The Doom Patrol with the added bonus of the Metal Men back up feature. We can hope it reaches Justice League Europe levels of excellent fun.

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