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November 27, 2009

What else do you need?

ToonBoom is having a Black Friday sale starting at 9 a.m., with some software up to 60% off.

Read an article in the latest Animation Magazine (link not yet available) that gave me a better Prep and Landing vibe. The guys mostly responsible are the guys who did the Goofy “How To Hook Up Your Home Theatre” short. And that was funny, as is Dave Foley, who’s voicing one of the main characters. So, we’ll tune in on Dec. 1st. Gayle’s a Charlie Brown fan anyway, and Prep and Landing has the after the beloved Charlie Brown Christmas slot, setting P and L up for launch as a holiday classic.

Shakespeare has popped into Nick for a visit, with the Little Shakespeare rapper character on True Jackson’s latest hour long event. Enjoyed it, funny, loved Jimmy and Ryan nonsensically running all over Galaxy Airlines…More Jimmy works; Robbie Amell does a good job.

On a business and personal note, we’ve been getting prepped aka trying to schedule the Lonely Pond annual meeting. I’m excited. I want to take the company in a new and more productive direction and really start combining my love for animation and Shakespeare in ways you can watch. So stayed tuned.

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