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December 10, 2009

What else do you need in the morning? On November 28, the 6th Robo-One Dance Competition happened. Next up, American Mechano-Idol or So You Think Your Robot Can Dance…anyone?

Me and Orson Welles had a boffo opening weekend and will be expanding to a larger number of theatres. Their Facebook fan page is the easy way to follow along.

Quick reviews:

The Big Bang Theory: Too little Leonard + Raj, too much Howard; Sheldon and Penny continue inducing snorts of laughter.

Charlie Brown Christmas Special: butchered and for what, commercials + Prep and Landing? Poor choices both.

Prep and Landing: bah — not a heartwarming holiday special…once again, Pixar strikes a blow for not really for the kids, instead let’s amuse the animators. If you’re going to have cool tech, why not have cool Bond movie type versions of Christmas music? And blackmail over a relationship in a children’s Christmas special? Good thinking there. And there were too many lines lifted from Christmas songs — that should have been your first script draft, people, and then you would have been better to throw it out and start over. I did like Wayne switching himself for a teddy bear in the arms of a sleeping child and the skiing over rooftops sequences…no dialogue in them, just good animating. Too bad it didn’t carry through.

Shanghai Surprise — FINALLY watched as much as I could stand. Have now vowed that if I don’t remember a movie at all there’s usually a good reason and so no need to add to Netflix queue. Only got 1/3 through it and almost lost all respect for Sean Penn as an actor. Next up: the Christmas In Connecticut double feature. Best thing about the remake: the scene where Tony Curtis’s character freezes in front of the camera. It’s lovely when great actors act like they can’t.

IQuit iCarly — solid…I think they’re rebooting, establishing the relationships again so that they can get back to darn funny.

The Troop — always seems like it should be entertaining but I am bothered by the fact that they never take the time to get the relationships between The Troop and their peers at schools right. Too much obvious bullying and just declarations of status instead of building it. Makes me miss the multiple layers of wonderful that was Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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