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December 18, 2009

There haven’t been Financial Times links because my deliveries have been interrupted by incompetence somewhere in the chain. Twice in two weeks I’ve had to call about no deliveries for three days. I miss reading the newspaper.

More positive notes: My friends @mymhm had over one million hits on their Movies You May Have Missed blog for December. Congratulations. Check them out if you haven’t. If you have, nominate them for a Streamy Award as Best New Show. The other shows/people on my help get a nomination slate are: Movies You May Have Missed for Best New Show, The Web Files for Best Hosted Web Series, Kristyn Burtt of The Web Files for Best Web Series Host, Space Hospital for Best Comedy Series, Rob Poe of Space Hospital for Best Art Direction and the cast of Life With Kat & McKay for Best Ensemble Cast in a Web Series. I’ve only started exploring what’s out there on the web, guided partly by the excellent choices made by my friends at The Web Files (Movies You May Have Missed was their 9th episode). It’s a whole new world for entertainment: brave, different and daring.

I’m also voting Blink Kitty Love for Best Animated Web Series…why, you ask? Well, although you will find animated series with more polished animation, I think Blink Kitty Love gives you a total entertainment package with the music, food and other random conversations on the band’s website and the continuing shenanigans on their Twitter feed. Plus, it’s my baby and I’m proud of it. I occasionally think about using a more sophisticated animation program but the simplicity of FlipBoom suits the band and my art style, which always tends to the abstract. FlipBoom is fun to work with without me having to spend weeks with the 500 page instruction manual (hello ToonBoom Studio). And the first or fifth rule of Blink Kitty Love is no stress puppies allowed so keeping it fun is important. Should you choose to vote, I’d appreciate it. Or just continuing following along with my adventures into animation. UPDATE: I’ve decided to push for Blink Kitty Love in the category of Best Experimental Web Series because it is a very grand experiment. Jump on the Blink Kitty Love train; crush just a little, that’s all we ask. A couple clicks here and enter this url: and we’ll be your biggest fan.

Speaking of animation, ToonBoom is offering animators preparing a pilot to pitch to the industry access to Harmony and Storyboard Pro for three months. Sounds like a chance for a great collaboration. My latest vision (no, you don’t know what it is yet) isn’t a traditional character driven series but if yours is, check it out.

Lonely Pond Productions’ annual meeting happens this weekend. I’m excited about new ideas and directions. It will be interesting to get feedback from the rest of the Lonely Pond crew. They always surprise me.

Me and Orson Welles isn’t in the area, but I am considering Invictus. Need to see a few more movies before the year’s end. And there’s a couple of exhibits in Baltimore I’d like to hit. Hope you’re enjoying your holiday season, whatever holiday you celebrate. Thanks for stopping by.

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