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THE SEARCH FOR FARTING ROBOTS (and other holiday tales)

December 23, 2009

But with a title like that, we’ll pull a switch and start off with James Altucher, who has a blog post telling us what to expect in 2010. Mr. Altucher posted the link on Facebook, which is the only place I keep track of him anymore.

Switching to Twitter as a launching point, rebooted Tweetdeck after a reading a review that mentioned it incorporating the Twitter list feature. I’d been spending more time on the Twitter proper site because checking my conversationalist list was more effective than sorting back through twhirl. Plus, I love the translating feature and the lovely green I’ve turned the backdrop. Anyway, I had it search for the term robot; I’ve since had it stop searching for the term robot since the dominant account was @Fart_Robot or how to learn a lot about the bodily functions of strangers, their animals, their friends and the people standing near them in a short yet too long period of time. @NoteRobot was more fun; collecting “note to self” tweets.

Peter Aspden had a column prompted by Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes take. I think I’ll skip it but at least Aspden’s column made me almost put it on my movie list.

My movies to see out list currently includes Me and Orson Welles, Nine (neither of which is in the area — BOO), Invictus and, of course, Alvin and the Chipmunks, the Sqeakquel. I think the next movie Netflix is sending our way is Pineapple Express, after the Christmas in Connecticut double feature. First one much better and did you know Arnold Schwarzenegger directed the second. Re: second version — the quiet Kristofferson/Cannon moments work + the live broadcast is funny but I probably won’t be watching it next year. In the original, love story not much, but you’re SO happy when the priggy architect doesn’t marry her and Felix (S.Z. Sakall) is a HOOT. Plus, nice, not too threatening Sydney Greenstreet turn. Just discovered Jennifer Garner is apparently doing a third version.

Good article from Gizmodo about Orson Welles and his appetite for new technology.

And the Christmas song I was reminded of today: Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses. It’s also a hoot (word of the day apparently).

And my post Solstice t-shirt: “O Holey Night.” And a Christmas Robot poster.

And if none of that gets you in the mood, have some stale eggnog and enjoy your “bah humbugs”

And, if you have yet to acquire my Christmas present, voting Blink Kitty Love for Best Experimental Web Series in the Streamys will do nicely. Vote here, put in this url: and then come to the party — there will be one. Tammy’s also planning to throw one for New Year’s; that should be interesting ; )

Thanks for stopping by; enjoy your Christmas.

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