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January 14, 2010

All right, so I’m miserable at actually taking time off; what I really need is a vacation in a city with museums, theatres + public transportation. I did get to catch up on a few web series while stressing about relaxing though.

My Movies You May Have Missed (@MYMHM) buddies reviewed one of my favorite movies to watch and laugh at: Noises Off.

Congratulations to @TheWebFiles for their Clicker Award Win as “Best Web Original Non Fiction Show” and to @SPWrite for her series Life With Kat & McKay qualifying as a Finalist in the “Best Web Original Comedy” category.

Web find: BJ Fletcher, Private Eye — very funny, very gay, very Canadian detective series — one of the characters is named Georgia Drew so that might tell you how much fun creator Regan Latimer has with all your favorite detective cliches/memories while bringing something very fresh + funny to the web series world. Plus, I finally get to work a long lost Lois Lane reference into a blog entry since George, the loyal sidekick, is going to journalism school to be an investigative journalist like LL. Great cast, great fun, watch it.

This was going to continue into a discussion of the differences between the YouTube, web series and indie film world from my experiences with each, but I’m saving that for another day when it’s not 1:33 a.m. Good night all.

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  1. Thanks for our shout out! We were very excited to win the Clicker award.

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