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January 20, 2010


Leap Year — I really enjoyed it, although there were some beautiful moments with long shots that got wrecked by the need to close in at the end. But I think it was one of those rare movies for those of us who figure things out kinetically (give me a musical or martial arts flick any day, or an actor with those skills. Full body tells you so much more than full on face). In Leap Year, the actors walk, fume and fall through falling in love and we follow along. It’s how I fell in love, walking, and it’s a good way, especially if you can look at gorgeously green Ireland as you go. Amy Adams is still one of my favorite actresses to watch and Matthew Goode’s performance is making another strong vote for seeing the heartbreak that will be A Single Man.

iCaved…yes, I have been off iCarly but I did watch iSaved Your Life…hit all the good iCarly points and none of the bad, plus, I really do find myself rooting for (pause for dramatic emphasis) Sam and Freddy…yes, I know, but I do. Spencer vs. Sam Assassin subplot funny and Freddy’s Mom is comic gold.

Chuck…watched an episode of the new upgraded Chuck two Sundays ago and loved it. So the first disc of the first season is in the current red Netflix envelope on top of the TV.

Wizards vs. Werewolves…looking spookier…was surprised by the first episode with Mason, not what I expected but in a good way. Alex continues lazy about everything except making things easier with magic.

Figured out part of why Jackie Chan’s doing The Spy Next Door — to set him up for the younger crowd so people will bring their kids to The Karate Kid starring him and Jaden Smith. Dwight Johnson’s Tooth Fairy doesn’t look funny. It’s making me miss Vin Diesel’s The Pacifier, which was actually pretty good and the kids weren’t just comic relief toss offs. I’m also getting the urge to watch The Forbidden Kingdom again (Gayle claims we own it), targeted to a slightly older crowd and with some great Jackie Chan fight moments. Jet Li also shows a sly sense of humor, which is nice.

The two movies I really want to see on the big screen have passed through York during my busy week (Nine) or probably won’t come at all (The Last Station).

Have started storyboarding a Shakespeare themed animation…here’s a quick peek Can you guess the character?

Haiti: such a terrible week. Fortunately, most of the world is acting in a compassionate fashion. We donated through Episcopal Relief and Development, which has a strong ground presence through the Diocese of Haiti, and will continue to do so after the immediate crisis is over. I hope you will consider donating if you haven’t yet.

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