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February 2, 2010

The Big Bang Theory seems to be losing the group cohesiveness that has powered their comedy for two seasons of nerdalicious comedy. Insert two girls, let Sheldon out on his own and leave Raj by the side of the road and you have a Big Bang Theory that tilts dangerously to one side or the other and needs rebalancing.

Sheldon is in danger of merely existing as a collection of tics. The more he does things, the less funny they are becoming which is a criminal misuse of Jim Parsons’ comic genius. Tonight’s episode, The Einstein Approximation, badly misfired on the Sheldon front — the blogosphere seems to be trending this way as evidenced by another review — although there were a few funny moments. My brother and I were having a discussion about The Big Bang Theory this weekend and he was saying that just focusing on Sheldon’s oddities doesn’t make for the best humor. Gayle has been saying (prompted by the four writers on Wizards vs. Werewolves; The Einstein Approximation listed 3) that the more writers listed, the less successful an episode is. Opinions?

The universe, well parts of it anyway, can’t seem to get enough of the Jonas Brothers so it will be interesting to see how Nick Jonas and The Administration album sells. He’s put all the tunes on MySpace and thanks to overplay of the video on the Disney Channel, I find myself singing “Who I Am” (better than “Starstruck” though). VMan the magazine had a Nick interview with lots o’ arty photos (they seem to specialize).

I am currently working my way, one red Netflix envelope at a time, through the first season of Chuck, which I love. The third season also entertains, but the music seems to have gotten much more intrusive over time. But it’s nice to have something in the action zone that I can watch.

Caught part of Castle tonight. Now I understand why some writers have gone on the record as saying they want to be Castle, but I still do not understand the appeal of Nathan Fillion. So I’ll just stick with Chuck.

Gayle (?!?!?!?) came back into town and informed me that Lois has gone brunette on Smallville. I was already planning to watch the two hour Justice Society Absolute Justice Smallville movie event this Friday; maybe now I’ll remember. Beau (aforementioned little brother) has started watching Smallville again after 2 years of not so maybe some of the spark is back. Stay tuned.

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  1. I’ve been down with the flu all week…someone please get me the soft kitty card! Lol. Awesome!

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