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March 20, 2010

News: Chris Evans may be Captain America. This is the best choice of the actors mentioned, I think. Evans made the Fantastic Four movies for me, he and Dakota Fanning were so much better than the rest of Push and he sounded like a fairly cool guy in an interview I read in the Advocate (his brother’s gay). And yes, full comic book geek disclosure, I did once a own a Captain America’s shield keychain. Ron Garney is my favorite Cap artist; Man Without A Country is an excellent story about the essence of Cap.

Also, Oni Press has announced July 20th. 2010 as the release date for Scott Pilgrim, Volume 6: Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour. Excellent news. The movie opens August 12th.

Fun musical discoveries tonight: Ninja Tuna + Mr. Scruff. Cool DJ. T-shirts are leading me everywhere these days. It’s an interesting way to navigate the universe.

It’s a non rainy weekend but I’m exhausted from family stuff so we’re hoping to curl up with some old favorite movies we haven’t watched in awhile. The #moviementalcomfortfoodlist? American Pie 2, Monkey Business (Cary Grant/Ginger Rogers version), Tomb Raider, Strictly Ballroom, and Bring It On. What do they have in common — well, they’re all pretty darn funny + handle their action/dance/cheerleading sequences pretty well.

The movies I’m looking forward to seeing on the big screen aren’t opening this weekend (How To Train Your Dragon) or are opening in limited release (The Runaways)

Oh and the current, working Merchant of Venice tagline? Mercy: Shaken, not Strained. Take that to the bank. Especially if your ships are a bit late to harbor.

Good night.

Forgot to add a touch of Spring to come that popped up in my backyard:

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