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March 26, 2010

Fun Periodic Table of Periodic Tables.

David Mamet gives advice to the writers of The Unit. Not a great fan of his plays only because I don’t pay much attention to contemporary American theatre but love his books. I am a fan of his movies — Spanish Prisoner and Redbelt both excellent. He gets great performances out of actors. Reading True and False is one of my favorite prep steps every year before directing whatever Shakespeare’s next on the list (Merchant of Venice/#merven for those new or not paying attention.)

Surely you’ve seen the Scott Pilgrim trailer? Love the style, the energy and the flash though still not sure about Michael Cera. But I’m not the director + so far, score about a dozen points for inventive visual fun. I may have to watch Hot Fuzz (if we ever get Miss Pettigrew into the DVD player for a night of revelation).

Last week’s The Web Files was a great episode with the charismatic creator/star of Chick, which looks like a fun + superheroic web series. I’m looking forward to maybe catching a few episodes next week.

I have decided Chuck is really Cinderella, with Chuck the Prince who’s supposed to rescue Sarah from the evil stepmother CIA. I have also decided Chuck NEEDS Anna back. The Buy More is listing to the side without her and requires a splash of her vinegary tart energy.

Excellent analysis of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho by Nigel Andrews. Is it the atom bomb of cinema, breaking open a new, more terrifying world.

This week’s book is Patti Smith’s Just Kids. It’s simple and sweet. If you’re looking for lurid Mapplethorpe details, it’s not for you. It’s a tale of discovery and art and two people who looked out for each other.

Last week, I tried non fiction, Zadie Smith’s Changing My Mind: Occasional Essays. I got halfway through and tired of literary criticism, although I might give Middlemarch and E.M. Forster a try based on her commentary.

Still no movie reviews, we don’t seem to be a movie household at the moment.

I’m about several weeks behind in everything because my Dad ended up in the hospital ten days ago with cardiac arrythmia. So pay attention to your health, darn it, and no, that is not opening the floor for a political debate.

That should be enough to get you through the weekend, so good night, take care and laugh at something.

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